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Flashcart and multicart list, rather old…

Flashcart and Multicart List – All systems – AtariAge Forums


  • Tototek provides flash carts for the Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, SNES, Turbografx 16, and Game Gear. Very nice products, although a little out-dated (small flash size, parallel connection, etc.).


  • Neoflash is a promising company that currently has a 32mb Genesis flash cart and a 64mb/128mb turbografx 16 cart. If you check out their projects in the forums they appear to be working on an all-in-one Genesis flash cart, SNES, N64, and NES flash carts, but some of these projects appear dead/on hold. These products should be more current (flash media, usb) if they are ever made available.

Odyssey 2:

  • John Dondzila has a 128-in-1 multicart that is a non-writeable, dip-switch cart. Contains the entire library (if not the entire library, very close to it) and some homebrews including Amok! Compatible with the Voice and Plus games for the g7400. $52 shipped.
  • Sören Gust has a RAMcart which is a writable DIY cart. He also has a Flashcart in the works, and a Megacart which seems to be a DIY multicart.

Atari 2600:

  • DISCONTINUED: Chad Schell had the cuttle cart which was a multicart for the 2600. The user needs an audio source like a CD player or computer (think Supercharger).
  • DISCONTINUED – Armin Vogl just had another production run of the Krokodile Cart. It is a writable multicart that will play most 2600 games without the need for an audio source. ~$100

Atari 5200:

  • DISCONTINUED: Atarimax and Sean Kelly had a couple dip-switch multicarts.
  • Atarimax has a USB flash cart that will hold 128 games. Very easy to use; I believe it loads any game besides Bounty Bob Strikes Back. $130
  • 8bitdomain has a non-writeable, dip-switch flash cart that has most of the 5200 library on it; I believe this one has Bounty Bob on it. $100


  • Atarimax has a USB flash cart that will hold 128 games. Very easy to use, believe it works with any game. If you need a colecovision multicart, this is the one to get! You can use this cart with the Coleco Adam as well. $130


  • There is some random cheap ones on Ebay, but these are the ones to get:
  • Richard Hutchinson’s Vecflash is a flash cart that holds up to 31 games (+menu) at one time. The USB version is now available. $80
  • Sean Kelly’s multicart v2.0 is available for $75 shipped on ebay whenever he gets a new batch completed, otherwise the price on ebay is usually double from resellers. This has every released cart on it(besides Animaction), plus a good many homebrews.
  • There is a recently released vectrex 72 in 1 multicart from Andy(?). It has more games than sean kelly’s multicart. You can get it here for 50 pounds.
  • I hear that there’s also a 108 game multicart in the works…

Atari 7800:

  • DISCONTINUED: Ah, the Cuttle Cart 2, hopefully another production run will be done of these to drive down the ebay prices. An excellent mmc-based flash cart.


  • DISCONTINUED: Chad Schell’s Intellicart, games had to be loaded from your pc via a serial cable one-by-one.
  • Luckily Chad Schell created a micro sd-based flash cart in the same vein as the cuttle cart 2 for the intellivision. The Cuttle Cart 3 is another excellent creation for your intellivision needs. You can still order this one from his website for $150 + shipping, and I would strongly suggest doing so before they are sold out and the price inflation begins.


  • It’s nice to see enthusiasm for a system that has a relatively small library. Luca Antignano and Giovanni Ortu have created the Creativision Multicart, a non-writeable dip switch cart. It can be ordered from the Creativemu website for 43 Euros, but hurry only 2 left as of 6/22/2008!


  • The Powerpak made by BunnyBoy (widely known member of the nesdev boards) is a compact flash-based cart which allows most games to be played (I believe it was 95-98%?). Certain mappers do not work correctly, but the mapper files are stored on the flash card for easy upgrades. $135.

Virtual Boy:

  • Richard Hutchinson recently finished his FlashBoy which is a usb-compatible flash cart. It holds one game at a time. It does not support saves, but there are only a few games that allow you to save anyway. 80 Euros shipped.

Channel F:

Atari Lynx:

  • IN PROGRESS: A member of atariage (Lynxman) is currently working on an atari Lynx flashcart. It is usb-compatible, holds one game at a time but it can load all different game sizes with the top size being 512 kb. You can follow the thread here.

Atari Jaguar:

  • DISCONTINUED: There exists a jaguar flash cart that was used by devs back in the jaguar days. Apparently the software is a little poor since it’s not a commercial release. They can hold one game at a time and can be a little pricey.
  • IN PROGRESS: The JagCF from jagware is both a flash cart and an expansion hardware for the Atari Jaguar. There have been many heated debates between homebrew devs, jagware, and “pirates” about whether or not to include the ability to play commercial games on the JagCF.


  • DISCONTINUED: Bung Flash cart, various sizes with 32mb being the highest. Parallel interface. Info is here.


  • DISCONTINUED: WonderWitch was a development kit meant for amateur devs. Some homebrews that were created using the WonderWitch will only work with the WonderWitch.
  • DISCONTINUED: Wonder Magic is more of a general purpose flash cart.


  • DISCONTINUED: No flash cart available. You just have to look for the Z64,V64,CD64, or V64 Jr.

Game Boy:

Bally Astrocade:

Arcadia 2001:

  • DISCONTINUED: Ward Shrake’s Arcadia 2001 multicart

GBA and DS:

  • There are dozens of flash carts for the GBA and DS. A good starting place for information on these is available here.